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Featured Preschool Activity -
Found on the Conversation Hearts page.

Candy Heart Graph
Obtain one box of conversation hearts for each child. Check the colors of the hearts and print up the placemat that matches the colors of your hearts. (click the link above for the graphs.
Have the children place one heart in each square. Be sure to show the children how to start at the bottom and work their way up. Have the children count the hearts in each column.
Option 1: The children can glue the hearts in the boxes.
Option 2: Have the children color each box (with crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paint) that contains a heart with the coordinating color.
Option 3: Have the children use a heart shaped stamp to mark each box that contains a heart. Use coordinating ink colors.
Option 4: Have the children glue a paper heart in each square that contains a candy heart. Use coordianting paper colors. You can make the heart shapes with a paper punch.

-Use the graphs to start a conversation about the results. How many pink hearts did you have? Who had the most pink hearts? What color did you have the most of? The least? Does there seem to be more of one color in most of the boxes?