Themes By the Month: April

The Activity Idea Place proudly presents "Themes by the Month". Preschool themes are coordinated with the holidays and observances. To see the curriculum available on, click on theblue links.

Monthly Observances
Related Theme
Alcohol Awareness Month
Say No to Drugs
Autism Awareness Month
Foot Health Awareness Month
Frog Month
Garden Month
Gardening, Flowers, Nature
Guitar Month
Holocaust Remembrance Month
Humor Month
Jokes, Humor
Keep America Beautiful Month
Keep America Beautiful, Recycling
Mathematics Education Month
Math, Science

Poetry Month
Poems, Mother Goose

Weekly Observances
Related Theme
Passover (Second Week)
Astronomy Week (Third Week)
Space , Sun, Stars,
Egg Salad Week (Third Week)
Eggs, See Easter, FarmFood
TV-Turnoff Week (Third Week)
Turn off the TV
Week of the Young Child (Third Week)
All About Me

Daily Observances
Related Theme
April Fool's Day (Apr. 1)Jokes, Humor, Feelings
International Children's Book Day (Apr. 2)Books
National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (Apr. 2)Peanut Butter and Jelly, Sandwitches, Food
Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday (Apr. 2)Fairy Tales
Find-A-Rainbow Day (Apr. 3)Rainbows
Palm Sunday (Vaires)Religious
National Raisin & Spice Bar Day (Apr. 5)Health, Food
North Pole Discovered, 1898 (Apr. 6)North Pole, Polar Animals
World Health Day (Apr. 7)Health
Encourage a Young Writer Day (Apr. 10)Writing, Communication
National Sibling Day (Apr. 10)Family
Easter (Varies)Easter
Space Shuttle Columbia First Launched, 1981 (Apr. 12)Space
National Eggs Benedict Day (Apr. 16)Eggs, See Easter, FarmFood
International Juggler's Day (Apr. 18)Circus, Clowns, Sports
Pet Owner's Day (Apr. 18)Pets, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Frogs
Patriot's Day is celebrated on the third Monday in April in MassachusettsPatriotism, USA
Kindergarten Day (Apr. 21)Kindergarten
Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Apr. 22)Flip it around and make a Bring a Mommy/Daddy to Child Care Day
Home Run Day (Apr. 23)Baseball, Sports
Astronomy Day (Varies)Space, Sun, Moon, Stars
In most states, Arbor Day is observed the last Friday of the monthTrees, Plants, Nature
Pretzel Day (Apr. 26)Pretzels, Food
Tell A Story Day (Apr. 27)Communication, Books
Zipper Day (Apr. 29)Zippers, Clothes
Andre Agassi's Birthday, Apr. 29, 1970 Tennis, Sports
National Honesty Day (Apr. 30)Honesty, Feelings

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