Themes By the Month: August

The Activity Idea Place proudly presents "Themes by the Month". Preschool themes are coordinated with the holidays and observances. To see the curriculum available on, click on theblue links.

Monthly Observances
Related Theme
American Artist Appreciation Month
Art, colors
Cataract Awareness Month
Eyes, Five Senses
Catfish Month
Clean Air Month
Clean Air, Environment
Eye Exam Month
Eyes, Five Senses
Immunization Awareness Month
Peach Month
Food, Fruit, Peaches, Health
Inventors Month
Inventions, Science
Romance Awareness Month
Love, Feelings
Water Quality Month
Environment, Water

Weekly Observances
Related Theme
Clown Week (National, US) August 1 - 7 each year
Clowns, Circus
Smile Week (Second Week)
Friendship Week (Third Week)

Daily Observances
Related Theme
American Family Day (First Sunday in August)Family
Forgiveness Day - Celebrated the first Sunday of every AugustFeelings
Friendship Day - International (First Sunday in August)Friends
Kids Day (First Sunday in August)Children
Raspberry Cream Pie Day (Aug. 1)Pies, Raspberries, Fruit, Food
Respect for Parents Day (Aug. 1)Feelings, Family
Sport's Day (Aug. 1)Sports
First Lincoln penny issued, 1909 (Aug. 2)Presidents, Coins
Ice Cream Sandwich (and Soda) Day (Aug. 2)Ice Cream, Cows/Farm,
National Night Out - "America's Night Out Against Crime" First Tuesday in August between 7 and 10PM (Aug. 3)Community, Police Officers
Watermelon Day (Aug. 3)Watermelons, Fruit, Farm
Chocolate Chip Day (Aug. 4)Chocolate, Cookies, Bakery
Sister's Day - August 5Sisters, Family
Neil Alden Armstrong's Birthday (Aug. 5)Space
Peace Day (Aug. 6) Peace
Odie's Birthday, (Garfield's friend) (Aug. 6)Dogs
Mustard Day (Aug. 7)Mustard, Herbs, Plants, Food
Pea Festival (Aug. 7)Peas, Farm
First Steam Locomotive (Aug. 10)Trains, Transportation
Símores Day (Aug. 10)S'mores, Camping
Marshmallow Toasting Day (Aug. 14)Camping, Marshmallows
Lemon Meringue Pie Day (Aug. 15)Lemons, Fruit, Pie, Food
Wizard of Oz Premiered (Aug. 15)Pretend, Lions, Scarecrows
Elvis Memorial Day, Elvis Presley died in 1977 at the age of 42 (Aug. 16)Music
Homeless Animal Day (Aug. 16)Pets, Cats, Dogs
Roller Coaster Day, Roller coaster patented in 1898 (Aug. 16)Amusement Parks, Circus
Pencil Day (Aug. 17)Pencils, Communication
Davy Crockett's Birthday, 1786 (Aug. 17)Pioneers
Snuffleupagus's Birthday (Sesame Street Character) (Aug. 19)Pretend, Sesame Street
Orville Wright, 1871 (Aug. 19)Airplanes, Bicycles, Transportation
Peach Pie Day (National) (Aug. 24)Peaches, Fruit, Pies, Food
Kiss and Make Up Day (Aug. 25)Feelings
Women's Equality Day (a/k/a Susan B. Anthony Day) - August 26th each year. Anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution giving women the right to vote.Women, Diversity
Dream Day (Martin Luther King Jr. gave the "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963.) (Aug. 28)Dreams, Diversity
Rock & Roll Day (last Sat. in Aug.)Music

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