Theme's By the Month: February

The Activity Idea Place proudly presents "Themes by the Month". Preschool themes are coordinated with the holidays and observances. To see the curriculum available on, click on theblue links.

Monthly Observances
Related Theme
African American History Month
African American History
AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
Vision, Five Senses
American History Month
History, Community, Family History
Bake For Family Fun Month
Baking Fun
Bird Feeding Month
Candy Month
Canned Foods Month
Canned Foods, Canned Food Drive
Cat Health Month
Cherry Month
Cherries, Fruit
Children's Dental Health Month
Dentist, Teeth
Chocolate Month
Dental Month
Dentist, Teeth
Friendship Month
Meeting New Friends
Grapefruit Month
Grapefruit, Fruit
Library Lovers Month
Library, Community
Potato Lovers Month
Responsible Pet Owner Month
Pets, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish, Frogs
Snack Food Month
Snack Foods, Healthy Snacks
Umbrella Month
Umbrellas (See April Showers for Umbrella ideas.)

Weekly Observances
Related Theme
Burn Awareness Week (First Week)
Fire Safety
Celebration of Love Week (Second Week)
Family, Valentine's Day
Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week (Second Week)
Car Safety, Transportation
Random Acts of Kindness Week (Second Week>
Random Acts of Kindness
Friendship Week (Third Week)
Love Your Pet Week (Third Week)
Pets, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish,Frogs
Pancake Week (Third Week)
Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Fourth Week)
Healthy Eating

Daily Observances
Related Theme
Freedom Day (Feb. 1)Freedom
Serpent Day (Feb. 1)Dragons, Dinosaurs
Groundhog Day (Feb. 2)Groundhog Day
Carrot Cake Day (Feb. 3)Carrot Cake, Baked Goods
Girls and Women in Sports Day (Feb. 4)Sports
Boy Scouts Day (Feb. 8)Boy Scouts
Clean Out Your Computer Day (Feb. 8)Computers
Inventor's Day (Feb. 11)Inventions, Creativity
White Shirt Day (Feb. 11)Wear a white Shirt, Clothes
Thomas Edison's Birthday (Feb. 11)Edison, light, energy, conservation
Lincoln's Birthday (Feb. 12)Presidents, Pennies
Read to Your Child Day (Feb. 13)Books
I Value Your Friendship Day (Feb. 13)Friendship
Valentine's Day (Feb. 14)Valentine's Day
Galileo Galilei's Birthday (Feb. 15, 1564)Stars, Sun, Moon, Space
President's Day (Observed the third Monday in February)Presidents, Coins
Chocolate Mint Day (Feb. 19)chocolate
Hoodie-Hoo Day (Feb. 20)-
At high noon (local time) citizens are asked to go outdoors and yell "Hoodie-Hoo" to chase winter and make ready for spring, one month from now.
Have fun "Hoodie-Hoo"ing, Winter/Snow
Washington's Birthday (Feb. 22)Presidents, Coins
Banana Bread Day (Feb. 23)Banana Bread, Baked Goods, Fruit
Ash Wednesday (Varies)Religious
Polar Bear Day (Feb. 27)Polar Bears, Polar Animals
Floral Design Day (Feb. 28)Flowers
Leap Day (Feb. 29)Jumping

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