The Letter “E”

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Arts and Crafts

Elephant, Elephant, Emu!!!

Played like “Duck, Duck, Goose” except the children will go around the circle, and say “Elephant” instead of “duck” and “Emu” instead of “Goose.”

Vinegar and Eggs

Place a hard-boiled egg in a cup of vinegar, and wait to see it bubble. After one day, take out the egg, wipe it off with a paper towel and feel the egg. Ask your child questions about what you see and feel.

Eggshell “E” collage

Use food coloring to color crushed eggshells. Use a few different colors. (You can use eggshells from eggs you have used. There is no need to hard boil these eggshells.) After the dye has dried, let your child glue the eggshells to a piece of paper that is cut out in the shape of the letter E or an egg.

Elephant Paper Plate Mask

Each child should paint a paper plate gray. When it is dry, have the child cut out two huge ear shapes from gray paper and attach them to the plate with staples. Cut out a hole for the nose and push a gray sock through the hole so the toe of the sock is the end of the nose.

Elephant Tracks

Affix elephant track shapes on the floor in a path with contact paper. Have the children follow the path. You can make the shapes close together or far enough apart so that they can hop from one to the next.

Bear Ears

Measure your child’s head, and cut a piece of brown construction paper long enough to create a headband. Glue the paper together so the headband fits snugly on your child’s head but is loose enough to take off easily. Cut from brown paper two ears. Let your child help you glue the ear to the headband. It’s okay if it’s a little off, it’s art! Have fun, and encourage your child to act like a bear.

Egg People

Give the children a piece of white paper, and a pastel egg shape. Have the children glue the egg shape onto the paper, and then draw a body as if the egg was a head.

Eggs and Chicks

Egg and Chick

Children cut out an egg and a chick shape. The student can then cut the egg in half as shown and glue their chick onto the bottom half of the egg. The teacher can use a brad to connect the two pieces of egg.

Eggs 1

Have the children cut out oval shapes from various colors of construction paper. They may decorate these with paint, markers, glitter, stickers, or any other materials that you wish to provide.

Mosaic Egg

Eggs 2

Children cut out an egg shape, then glue piece of paper onto the egg.
Splatter Paint Egg

Eggs 3

The children can splat paint onto a piece of paper. Then after the paint has dried, the children can cut out an egg shape from the paper.

Egg Roll

Place a piece of paper in a deep pan with a hard-boiled egg and a little paint (two or three different colors). Have the children carefully roll their egg around. The end product is a decorated egg and a cool picture.

Fingerprint Easter Eggs

Have the children draw a spring scene, or cut pictures out of a magazine to create a collage. Then have the children “hide” their Easter eggs in the picture by placing their fingerprints in different places on the picture. Use a child-safe non-toxic ink pad for the children to make their fingerprints with.

Eye Dropper Art

Set out three cups, half-filled with water. Add food coloring to the water. Have your child use an eye dropped to drop the colored water onto a piece of paper towel. Notice how the water evaporates leaving the color behind.

Egg Beater Art

Provide a child with an egg beater, paint and a piece of paper. Have the child dip the egg beater in the paint and press onto the paper.

Colored Elbow Macaroni

You’ll need:

    Elbow Macaroni
    Food coloring
    White vinegar
    Non-toxic glue
    Cardboard or paper

Place 1/2 cup macaroni into a clean bowl (either glass or one that you don’t care about). Add 5 drops of food coloring and 1/2 tsp. vinegar to set the color. Mix around until the macaroni has absorbed the color. Repeat the process with other colors. Spread macaroni evenly (keeping the colors separate) onto a baking sheet and cover with foil. Bake at 200 degrees for 45 minutes, this dries the rice. After the macaroni has dried and cooled, place each color in a Ziploc bag and seal.

Elbow Macaroni Art

Have the children glue the colored macaroni to construction paper cut out in the shape of the letter “E”

Elbow Macaroni Necklaces

Tie one piece of Macaroni to the end of a piece of yarn. Show the children how to create a necklace by threading the noodles onto the yarn. For the advanced child, see if they can create a pattern.

Math, Science, Games, and Group Activities

Egg Match-Up

Collect different colored plastic eggs. Take the eggs apart and have your child find two egg halves of the same color and put them together.

Elbow Macaroni Sort

Mix a couple of different colors of the macaroni together, then have the children sort them by color.

Egg Sort

Have the children sort plastic eggs by size or color.

Egg Hop

Cut out large egg shapes from colored paper. Laminate them and cut them out. Place them on the floor and ask the children to hop from one egg to another. These may also be used as seat markers for group time.

Footprint Fun

Cut out large Elephant footprints shapes from colored paper. Laminate them and cut them out. Place them on the floor for the children to follow.

Egg Toss

Supply the children with plastic eggs and an Easter basket. Place a piece of masking tape on the floor for a throw line. The distance from the basket to the line should vary with abilities. Have the children throw the eggs into the basket.

Roll the Egg

This one is so fun. If you have more than one child, it can be a race, or for one child you can time them. Here goes… place masking tape on the floor for the start and finish lines. Place one plastic egg on the starting line for each child. Explain that the object of the game is to roll the egg to the finish line with YOUR NOSE. If they get too good, add a few obstacles, such as a chair to go around, or tape a line for them to try to follow, be creative.

Eye Color Chart

Have the children raise their hands if they have brown eyes. Count and record the number of children that have brown eyes. Repeat for blue, green and hazel. Graph the results. Ask the children “what color eyes do most of the children in our class have?”

Eye Chart

If possible obtain an eye chart. Have the children read the chart from a distance.


Any kind of physical activity keeps you healthy. Have the children take turns prescribing physical activities to the rest of the class. “Doctor Max says, jump up and down 3 times”


Cooking Eggs

Let your child help you prepare scrambled eggs, or make an egg sandwich. For scrambled eggs, your child can mix the eggs and milk together, and you should cook them. But if you have a microwave, the egg sandwich works better. To make an egg sandwich, take one egg, put it in a clean dish, a clean cream cheese container works well, because it is round. Have your child scramble the egg and place a piece of cheese on top. Place the container in the microwave, and place a lid on top, or a paper towel, but make sure that the cover is NOT airtight. Cook for about 40 seconds, check to see if it is cooked all the way through, cook a little more if needed. Then toast an English muffin, or bread, and butter. Put the egg and cheese on the bread or muffin and serve. My son loves to push the buttons on the microwave, and set the toaster, but these things should only be done under close adult supervision.


Spread peanut butter on a graham cracker, add two banana slices for wheels and a triangular piece of cheese for the front of the engine. Use a small cracker for the smoke stack and away we go…

Bread Engines

Cut a bread square into two rectangles. Put one of the rectangles on a piece of foil and cut the other into two squares. Put on of the squares above the rectangle to make a cab for the engine and cut the other square into two triangles. Put one triangle above the cab and the other in front of the engine. Spread the train with tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese and add sliced tomatoes for the wheels. Bake for 5 minutes at 350 degrees

Egg-Shaped Snacks

For a snack, use any of the following for an egg shape:

    Sliced Bananas
    Sliced Oranges
    Sliced Cucumbers
    Sliced Egg
    Round Crackers

Hard-Boiled or Not

Show the children two eggs. Ask them if they can tell which is hard-boiled and which is not. Show the children that the one that is hard-boiled spins better than the one that is not hard-boiled. Crack open the eggs to show them.