Arts and Crafts

Cat Toy Ball Art

First you need a large plastic container with a lid. (I used a shallow peanut butter container.) Next cut out paper that will fit in the lid of the container. Place a few drops of paint into the container with a cat toy ball, then place a very small amount of paint on the lid and pre-cut paper on the paint. (I use the paint to make the paper stick to the lid.) Place the lid on the container, flip and have the children shake. When finished, remove paper and allow to dry, and place a clean piece of paper in the lid for the next child.
Paw Pals Lattice Ball

Cat Charmers

Create cat charmers by attaching ribbon or string to a pencil, dowel or popsicle stick. Have the children dance with the charmers when they are finished.

Cat Collages

Have the children cut out pictures of cats from magazines, and glue them onto a piece of paper for a collage.

Yarn Collage

Allow your child to use scraps of yarn to create a collage.

Paper Bag Cat Masks

Let children use yarn, paints, crayons and paper scraps to create their own cat mask. You may have to cut out the eyes, mouth and shoulders for younger children.

Paper Plate Cat Mask

Have the children paint a paper plate brown. When dry have the children add pipe cleaners for whiskers and brown tringles for ears. Cut out holes for the eyes and add a popsicle stick to the back of the plate near the bottom with glue.

Cat Puppets

Ask the parents to donate pictures of cats. Cut out the cats in the pictures and attach the pictures to a popsicle stick or a straw with tape to make a puppet.

Cat Placemat

Have the children cut out pictures of cats from magazines. Have the children glue the pictures onto a piece of paper. Laminate the paper and use it for a placemat.

Sponge Print

You can find already shaped sponges at most art and craft stores or you can make your own. Obtain sponges shaped like cats. Have your child dip the sponges into paint and press on a piece of paper.

Cat Headbands

Measure your child’s head, and cut a piece of construction paper long enough to create a headband. Glue the paper together so the headband fits snugly on your child’s head but is loose enough to take off easily. Cut from brown paper two ears. Then, either staple or glue the ears to the headband.

Cat Necklaces

Have the children cut out cat shapes from construction paper. Then, have them use a hole punch to make a hole, so they can thread them onto a piece of yarn. Add colored noodles to the necklace.

Cat Rubbings

Cut cat shapes from paper doilies or sandpaper. Tape these shapes to the table. Have the children place a piece of thin white paper over the shapes and rub a crayon over the shape.

Cookie Cutter Painting

Put a small amount of tempera paint in a large shallow container. (A pie tin works well) Show your child how to dip the cat-shaped cookie cutter in the paint and press it onto a piece of paper to create a print.

Sticker Art

For a very simple art project, supply the children with a piece of paper and stickers. For younger children, this provides an excellent fine motor activity.

Cat Spray Paint Art

Obtain a few clean spray bottles. Add water and a little bit of liquid or powdered tempera. Then, place a large piece of cat-shaped paper on an easel, and have the children spray the colored water onto the cat-shaped paper.

Kool-Aid Art

Sprinkle a little dry kool-aid mix onto a cat-shaped piece of paper. Have your child spray water from a spray bottle onto the paper. For added adventure, you may choose to take your children out into the rain with a piece of paper that has kool-aid on it.

Yarn Art

Set out a piece of yarn for each color of paint you intend to use. Have the child dip the yarn in one color of paint, and run it across the paper. Use a new piece of string for a different color.

Games, Math and Science

Stamping Patterns

Use cat-shaped rubber stamps to create a simple pattern on the top half of a piece of paper. Ask your child to help you recreate the pattern on the bottom half of the paper. Tip: Start with one stamp, and have your child pick which stamp you used. Start slowly and work your way up to more complicated patterns.

Picture Matching

Find cat stickers. Place 2 identical stickers on the left and right sides of an index card. Cut the index in half, cut in a jig-jag form. Use a highlighter to highlight the edges. Do this with many different stickers. Have the child match the stickers, and line up the two halves of the index card.

Cat Memory

Find cat stickers. Place 2 identical stickers on the left and right sides of an index card. Cut the index in half, cut the index card in half. You can use these cards to play memory.

Three Little Kittens’ Mittens

Cut out three pairs of mittens from different colored felt. Have the child pick out one mitten, and then find its match.

Yarn Ball Toss

Place a masking tape line on the floor. Set a laundry basket on the floor. Have your child stand on the line, then throw a ball of yarn into the basket. Try different distances.


Draw 5 cat faces without whiskers. Write a number onto each cat 1 through 5. Provide the children with 15 pipe cleaners, and have the children place the appropriate number of whiskers onto each cat.

Cat Sizing

Draw different-sized cat shapes and laminate them. Have the children arrange the cats according to size.

Cat Sort

Draw different kinds of cats, black, calico, siamese, and have the children sort the cats by breed. Or you can cut out pictures of cats and glue each onto a separate piece of paper. Have the children sort the cats by breed.

Cat Bat

Have the children pretend to be cats… hang a piece of string from the ceiling… just out of the children’s reach, and have the children bat at the string.

Group Time

Talk about Cat Care

Talk about what a cat eats, going to the Vet for shots, grooming, and the things an owner needs to do to keep the cat healthy.

Field Trip Ideas

    Visit a Pet Store or a Veterinarian’s Office
    Have a parent bring in a cat or kitten
    Have a Veterinarian visit your center
    Have A Humane Society Member visit your center
    Have a parent read a story about a cat

Kitten Says:

Played like simon says.

Kitten, May I?

The old game, “Mother May I?” take three little steps forward? but using “Kitten, May I?” instead.

Sand and Water Table

Have the children bathe the plastic cats in the water table with soap and water.

Cat: Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Substitute “kitten, kitten, cat” for “duck, duck, goose.”

Love Song

by chicky
Love my kitty,
Yes I do,
Love my kitty,
Yes I do,
Love my kitty,
Yes I do,
Love my kitty,
And she loves you!

Special Song

by chicky-ma-ma
Sung to “Where is Thumbkin?”
My cat is special,
My cat is special,
Yes he is,
Yes he is,
My cat is special,
My cat is special,
Yes he is,
Yes he is.

Dramatic Play

Pretend to be a Veterinarian

Provide your children with stuffed cats, play stethoscopes, and bandages for the children to play with.
Animal Hospital

Pretend to be a Pet Groomer

Provide your children with stuffed cats, empty shampoo bottles, brushes, ribbons, collars, plastic bathtub, and towels for the children to play with.

Pretend to be a Cat

Provide your children with balls of yarn, cat toys, empty boxes of cat food, and boxes for the children to crawl into.

Cooking and Snacks

Kitty Cookies

Use a cat-shaped cookie cutter to make sugar cookies. After baked and cool, have the children decorate the cookies with colored frosting.