Frog preschool lesson plans, including arts and crafts, games, math, science, group time activities, songs, and snack ideas.

Arts and Crafts

Frog Head Band

Frog Headband 1

Frog Headband 2
Have the children color precut frog shapes or coloring page. Have the children cut out two strips of paper that when connected will fit around their head. Connect the strips with glue or tape, (staples will catch the child’s hair). Affix their frog on the headband.

Lily Pads

Cut out lily pad shapes from large white construction paper. Have the children paint them green. After they dry write each childs name on them. Laminate them so you can use them for the activities below.

Paper Plate Lily Pads

Supply each child with green paint and a paper plate. Have the children paint the plate green. Then have them cut out a long thin triangle to make a lily pad.

Color Me Frog

Coloring Frog
Have the children color and cut out a picture of a frog. Use brads to create moveable parts.

Paper Plate Frog

Have children paint half a paper plate green. Have the children glue on white eyes, and a red tongue. Attach a popsicle stick behind the tongue.

Paper Plate Frog 2

Paper Plate Frog
Have children paint a paper plate green. Have the children glue on white eyes, a red tongue and legs.

Paper Bag Frogs

Have the children paint a small lunch paper bag green. Have the children glue on eyes to the bottom of the bag, as if it were the frogs face, and a tongue.

Paper Bag Frog 2

Paper Bag Frog
Provide the children with a paper bag and different shades of green circles. Have the children glue the circles to the bag. Supply the children with pre-cut arms, legs, tongue and eyes. Let them glue the features on the bag as shown.

Pom Pom Frog

Pom  Pom Frog
Supply the children with one large green circle (for the body), two smaller green circles (for the outer eyes), two even smaller colored circles (for inner eyes), two medium green triangle shapes (for the legs) and two small green triangles (for the feet).

Frog and Lilly Pad Scene

Have your child paint a coffee filter green to represent lily pads. Allow the child to cut several pieces of green yarn for the plants in the water. Have the child glue the lily pads and the plants to a piece of blue paper (lake). Then have them paint a frog on the paper. Add eyes.

Games, Science, and Math

Field Trip Ideas

Visit a Zoo, Pet store or Pond. Or have someone come in to visit you that owns a frog or two. Maybe a frog specialist.

Frog in the Class

Purchase a tadpole or frog to keep in your class.

Lily Pad Frog Match

Cut out lily pad and frog shapes from different colored construction paper. Have the children match the frog to the same color lily pad.

Bulletin Board Idea

Title the board “Leaps in Learning.” Ask the children to list everything they know about frogs. Write each idea down on a large piece of red butcher paper. This paper should be used for a tongue in a large frog bulletin board display.

Frog Count

Cut out lily pad shapes from construction paper. Write a number on each lily pad. Have the children place plastic frogs on each lily pad corresponding to the number on the lily pad.

Lily Pad Jump

Lily Pad Jump
Cut Lily pad shapes out of green shelf liner. Set out the lily pads on the floor. Have the children hop from one lily pad to another.

Fishing Fun

Tie 3 feet of string to a wooden spoon. Attach a magnet to the end of the string. Cut and laminate many different colored, and sized frogs from construction paper. Attach a paper clip to each frog. Spread the frog shapes on the floor and let your child try to catch the frogs. Have them try to catch the red frog.. or the biggest frog.

Frog Sort

Use the frogs from above, have your child sort the frogs by color or size.

Frog Sort II

Have your child sort plastic frogs by color or size. Which one do they like the best?

File Folder Game

Frog File Game
Place blue paper on the inside of a file folder. On one side place a green lily pad shape. Laminate. Then create many small frog shapes and laminate the frogs. The children can place the frogs on the lily pad and in the pond. Ask the children to count the frogs on the lily pad, then count the frogs in the pond. How many frogs are there all together?
Variation: On one side of an index card write a simple addition problem (2+1=3). On the other side draw a model of the pond and lily pad. Use small frog stickers to represent the problem. (2 frogs on the lily pad and 1 in the pond) The children can use the model side as a self check.

Lily Pad Musical Chairs

Set out the lily pads on the floor in a circle. Have the children walk around the circle of lily pads. When the music stops, have the children race to their favorite lily pad. Every child should have a lily pad to stand on.

Lily Pad Circle Time

Set out the Lily Pads on the floor in a circle. Have each child sit on his/her own lily pad for circle time.

Lily Pad Placemat

Make lily pads for placemats.

Pretend to Be A Frog

Show your child how to hop like a frog.

Frog Hop Race

Have a race from one place to another. Have the children hop all the way, like frogs.

Lacing Cards

Cut colored poster board into a frog shapes and punch holes around the edges. Then let your child lace yarn or a shoestring into the cards.

What time is it, Mr. Frog?

Played like “What time is it, Mr. Fox?”

Froggie Hop

Play the bunny hop song and have the children pretend to be froggies hopping around.

Sand Table Idea

Add plastic frogs to your sand table.

Dramatic Play Idea

Add plastic zoo animals to your block area. Encourage the children to build a zoo.

Where do Frogs Live?

Talk to your child about where frogs live. In a pond, swamp, deserts, gardens, rain forests, etc. What is the weather like there?

Vote and Graph It

Show the children pictures of many different frogs. Let them vote on their favorite. Graph the results.

Frog Memory

Frog Memory Game
Obtain matching pictures of frogs, or stickers. Place the matching pictures or stickers on card stock (Frog shapes are used in the picture). Let the children play frog memory.

Frog Heart

Heart Frog
Use the image as a demo. This is a project for older children and is very teacher-directed!

My Frog Song

by chicky-ma-ma
Sung to “It’s a Small World”
I’m a small Frog in the sea
I’m as green as green can be
I have 4 legs as you can see
I’m a small green frog.

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Five Green and Speckled Frogs
Sat on a Speckled Log
Eating some most delicious bugs
One jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool
Now there are four green speckled frogs
Gulp, Gulp
Continue to repeat until you sing, Now there are no green speckled frogs.

Jump Song

Froggie, Froggie, Jump up and Down,
Jump up and Down, Jump up and Down
Froggie, Froggie, Jump up and Down
Now sit back down.


Green Jello

Serve green jello.

Frog Cupcakes

Frog Cupcakes
Make cupcakes, when cool frost with green icing, use confections for eyes and licorice for a mouth.