Is Mega Bloks Owned By Lego (Lego VS Mega Bloks)

Both Lego and Mega Blocks are well-known names in the area of construction toys, not just among children but also among parents.

While Lego bricks are more expensive, they are generally thought to be of higher quality. Some of the building blocks from both manufacturers are even compatible, but the two brands do have their differences.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the origins of both Lego and Mega Bloks as well as how they compare.

Is Mega Bloks owned by Lego?

No. Mega Bloks and Lego are two different companies, and Lego does not own Mega Bloks.

A company called Mega Brands owns Mega Bloks, along with Mega Construx. Mega Bloks, a Canadian company, was called “Ritvik Toys” when it started in 1967 and later changed its name to Mega Bloks in 2002. It quickly became one of the main players in the building blocks industry.

So it’s important to remember that they’re entirely separate from Lego, although they can be deemed as very similar. LEGO Group is currently owned by their parent organization Kirkbi.

Lego was born in Denmark way back in 1932, and it’s taken the world by storm ever since, with children still adding Lego toys to their Christmas lists even today.

The name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”.

Compatibility Of Lego And Mega Bloks

It is critical to consider the stability of your build when choosing between Mega Bloks with Legos. The main distinction between Legos and Mega Bloks is one of quality.

Lego is the undisputed king of the building block toy industry, and they hold themselves to a high degree of quality. Lego also charges premium prices, which provides them greater financial wiggle room to demand the greatest quality from their toys.

Mega Bloks, on the other hand, are neither as popular nor as costly as Legos. They are not required to meet such a high standard. In reality, as a “budget” building block seller, they have incentives to decrease expenses, which can result in lower quality blocks.

You may be pleased with the outcome if you combine both Legos and Mega Bloks. However, if you look closely, you may find minor changes in the studs and holes of Mega Bloks (compared to Lego).

Because of these minor variations, connections established between Lego bricks and Mega Blocks may be less tight/stable than connections made between Lego bricks.

Lego VS Mega Bloks – How They Compare

The biggest advantage of purchasing Mega Construx (or Mega Bloks) is the low cost. Building with blocks is, at the end of the day, enjoyable. And you don’t have to pay the exorbitant Lego fees to have that much fun.

If you buy Legos for your children (or nieces and nephews, etc.), some will not be able to tell the difference, and others will not mind even if they can.

However, if these blocks are going to major Lego fans or collectors, they will certainly be able to detect the difference, and they may be dissatisfied with a non-Lego branded present.

The Mega brand employs less expensive plastic, which allows them to charge lesser pricing for their sets. In truth, Legos are constructed of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a highly tough plastic.

Furthermore, because Mega Construx is not manufactured by the same people as Legos, there are changes in the mechanics of how the blocks link, making it difficult to combine components from different manufacturers at times.

How do Mega Bloks differ from Lego?

Though Legos and Mega Bloks bricks appear to be the same, their core chemistry is extremely different. Lego components are highly strong and difficult to break, however, Mega Construx bricks break much more easily.

As previously stated, Legos are made of ABS plastic. The only way Lego pieces appear to break readily is if they are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

In addition, the Lego logo appears on each stud of Lego bricks. Mega Construx’s studs do not bear their company logo.

Some of the key differences between Mega Bloks and Lego include:

  • Lego has its popular original sets, as well as IPs such as Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. Mega Construx doesn’t have many popular original sets, but they do include IPs like Halo, Pokemon, and Game of Thrones.
  • The quality of the mini-figures varies. Mega Construx arms are more prone to breaking and use different mechanisms.
  • Mega Construx is manufactured in China, while Legos are manufactured in a number of countries, including Denmark, Hungary, and Mexico.
  • With movies, plays, video games, amusement parks, board games, and several IPs, Lego has far larger brand recognition. Mega Construx features fewer IPs, with no movies, television series, or video games.
  • Many individuals who have never handled a Lego block have heard of Lego, while Mega Bloks is less well-known.
  • In terms of size, Mega Blocks are bigger compared to Legos. They are mostly designed for younger children. However, Lego has more vibrant colors, high durability, tighter connections, and chemical-free plastics.

There are significant parallels between these two brands as well. A resemblance is that they are technically compatible. And, if you compare the pieces in a Mega Construx set to those in a Lego set, the basic elements will be comparable (but not identical).

Aside from that, a fascinating point of resemblance is that both brands seek licensing. Many businesses, TV shows, and movies have featured both Mega Brand and Lego sets at some point. Some of the most noteworthy collaborations include Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter.


Overall, Lego is probably the best choice due to its interconnectivity, quality, and the ability to use and reuse the pieces in virtually limitless ways.

Mega Bloks, on the other hand, has a considerably larger selection of unique components and accessories that you may want to explore if you want to achieve exact details.

The figures are also more detailed and poseable. Because LEGO and Mega Bloks are interchangeable, you can easily add a few Mega Bloks extras to your LEGO projects to make them more unique.